Friday, July 2, 2010

Human Existance so far...........

It is widely believed in the scientific community, that life is an accidental mixture of chemicals and matter. that life sprang o this planet is a fact. OK, life was created and now we have a whole zoo of different creatures in all shapes and sizes. Then there is this thing about a dominant creature at a given time, at this time it is us......the humans. Humans have been given the gift of intelligence (even though some of us still act dumb!) .

Intelligence in itself is an abstract "thing". It cannot be understood or comprehended.

Human life so far can be put in these few words - birth, growth, experience, learn, eat, sleep, earn, accumulate, reproduce and die. If you take a cat, its life isn't so different either, we can just delete the words earn and accumulate in its case.

So now the bigger question........are we here to do just these things? or is there some higher purpose or goal for us to be here? If these questions have come to you at any time, then you are ready for higher evolution for higher knowledge, the secret of existence and the answer for the question itself. And of course the answer has to be found by you and you alone, no one can be "told" the answer to these questions. But someone can help you.........

This 'someone' is the GURU or the master. Don't imagine the guru as just a man with beard, sitting on a chair with closed eyes......he is much more than we can see (or cannot see). Guru itself means that which is very big that you cannot comprehend its "big"ness. Yet he is your very own, you don't need to push some buttons to call him, he is there even without you calling him. His only intention is to make you dissolve in himself. Then after that there is no you and me.............there is only the ONE.

The guru is the door for us to go inside the house of 'self knowledge'. If you choose to walk alone you may fall of sometime or the other, so a guru is necessary. He shows us the way to walk and we have to do the walking......he cannot walk for us.

Different masters "manifest" at different times and place according to the need of that hour. But not all recognize him, some even crucify him. But make no mistake, the world is more than what we just see, world is not just matter, it is consciousness and consciousness (energy) can neither be created nor destroyed. The consciousness can "be" without the world, but the world or anything cannot be different from consciousness......if you don't get it just close your eyes and meditate.............welcome to the party !!!!

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